Our procedure is a four-step process designed to give our patients the greatest chance of regaining function and living pain-free:

Step 1: Assessment

assessment procedure

Alignment, stability, mobility, and strength are considered the basis of human kinetic function: The recipe for a well functioning body. Waterfront Health & Wellness, our mechano-physical algorithm addresses these four components to significantly increase your chances of success and sets you on the right path to long-term recovery. Assessment typically includes collecting your medical history and a recent MRI, a hands-on orthopedic assessment with our clinical director, a systemic (or medical) assessment with one of our NDs, and a conference between you and our team.

Step 2: Preparation

A series of proprietary protocols patients undergo to best prepare the body, the immune system and the injured region for healing, tissue regeneration, and long-term strength. In the preparatory phase, patients are guided by our team in order ensure the best outcomes. This stage takes anywhere from two weeks to several months.

Step 3: Treatment

Treatment Assessment

The treatment phase involves the most non-invasive of all regenerative medical procedures. No surgeries, no piercing of the pelvis, and removal of bone marrow, no weeks of pain and suffering. Two simple shots in the joint are all it takes to kickstart the healing process. Outpatient programs deliver this quickly and effectively: The whole process taking less than an hour.

Step 4: Follow Up

Follow Up Procedure

Just because your treatment is done, does not mean you are.  Our team will follow up with you following your procedure to ensure the healing process has been effective and to ensure you are best set up for an efficient recovery on your road to better health.