Non-surgical treatment not available in Canada now available in Washington State

Canadian patients looking to address their joint pain and injuries through regenerative therapy instead of surgery can now head to a new clinic in Bellingham, where Lower Mainland doctors are providing a treatment that has been offered in the United States for years but is unavailable in Canada.

Regenerative therapy is a treatment that uses intra-articular amniotic allograph joint injections to repair and regenerate tissue that has been damaged by injury, disease or aging. While typically used as an alternative to surgery to treat joint pain and cartilage degeneration, the treatment is also increasing sought after by active adults seeking better mobility and range in joints that have become painful with age.

Until now, British Columbians needed to travel to the southern United States or outside North America to access regenerative therapy, making the procedure costly and time-prohibitive. With the opening of Waterfront Health and Wellness in Bellingham, they can now access the same procedure close to home with Canadian medical professionals providing care based on Canadian practice principles and standards.

Led by Medical Director Dr. Amira Ahdut, the team of physicians and naturopathic doctors at Waterfront Health and Wellness includes Associate Medical Director Dr. Andrew Jamieson, Dr. Jonathon Berghamer, and Orthopedic Director Dean Kotopski.

“With our aging populations, the need for chronic pain and joint support is at an all time high,” says Dr. Ahdut. “Unfortunately, the availability of therapies for joint support and cartilage damage have not kept up with the need. Today, there are thousands of people, from baby boomers to high end athletes, for whom cutting-edge regenerative therapies offer a more effective solution for their acute injuries and chronic pain.

“The procedure we offer is a minimally invasive alternative to autologous stem cell harvesting, which can be very painful, as well as much more expensive. Additionally, with the Surgenex Surforce product that we use, the treatment requires little to no downtime and its success is not affected by the age or health of the patient.”

The opportunity to provide patients with a progressive, non-surgical option to pain relief is a key reason why Dr. Andrew Jamieson joined the team at Waterfront.

“Too many Canadians suffer from joint pain and arthritis because of a lack of treatment options,” says Dr. Jamieson. “Regenerative therapy using Surforce by Surgenex has helped thousands of people alleviate their knee, hip and shoulder pain with minimal downtime. Patients walk in and walk out same day, with positive results typically seen within two to six weeks after treatment.”

One of Waterfront’s key principles is the commitment to providing more than just one treatment to heal the patient’s condition. The clinic offers a full-service process, with follow-up therapy to ensure the best results possible and ensure the patients’ needs are managed from start to finish.

“We are excited to bring people the chance to undergo mechanical healing that improves their quality of life,” states Orthopedic Director Dean Kotopski. “So, in addition to providing the injection procedure which heals and repairs damaged tissue, we focus on balancing the mechanical and structural problems that created the joint problem in the first place, so patients can experience pain-free movement that is sustainable for the long term.”

Dr. Jonathon Berghamer has worked in the field of regenerative injection therapies for the last 10 years and has seen the field change immensely over that time.

“Unfortunately, Canada is lagging behind in allowing Canadians access to many of these therapies. As such, it is a great honour and pleasure to be able to work with Dean Kotopski and Waterfront Health & Wellness to provide British Columbians with close access to a well-vetted and high-quality amnion product such as Surgenex and combine it with our Force-Balance Technique rehabilitation program for a complete regenerative program.”

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